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Welcome to Thumb Lock Fasteners®

Welcome to our website. Its primary purpose is to provide information that will help you determine which of our Thumb Lock products best meets your needs.

Thumb Lock fasteners are used widely throughout the RV and Marine industries, as well as for earthquake safety purposes.

Anyone who has slid in behind the wheel of an RV and headed out to discover the great outdoors will be very familiar with the sound of stuff falling and breaking every time there’s a bump or twist in the road.

Similarly, if you are a keen boater you’ll know the risks associated with cruising on the water without having secured and stowed things beforehand.

Loss or damage to personal belongings has long been part of RV’ing and boating, but there is a practical and inexpensive way to avoid that problem. Our highly acclaimed Thumb Lock products are specifically designed to prevent accidents from happening.

We have been a leading producer of quality safety fasteners since 1991. All Thumb Lock fasteners and component materials are designed and manufactured in the USA. Thumb Lock is a system of strap and buckle fasteners designed to secure items in place. They are strong, durable, easy to use, and very versatile for either temporary or permanent fastening applications.

We invite you to browse this site to learn more about our complete range of safety fasteners.

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