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Thumb Lock

A system of strap and buckle fasteners designed to secure items in place, Thumb Lock fasteners are strong, durable, easy to use, and very versatile for either temporary or permanent fastening applications.

Thumb Lock Kits

Four buckles, 2 straps, and surface cleansing pads

Thumb Lock Buckles

Bulk Thumb Lock Buckles


Straps in 48" and 100" rolls

Adhesive Replacement Pads

Adhesive Replacement Pads for TL kits and buckles

Fastening Top Heavy Items

An item that is top-heavy is at higher risk of toppling in horizontal movement and requires additional holding strength for fastening. Best results are achieved by using fasteners on the base and tethering the top of the equipment with a strap

At least 50% more holding strength is recommended to fasten an item that is twice as tall as it is wide for the equivalent center of gravity), 100% more if 3:1, and 150% more if 4:1. These percentages apply to the values shown in the WEIGHT RANGE CHART



TL-100 0-50 lbs. 0-100 lbs.

TL-200 0-100 lbs. 0-200 lbs.

TL-400 0-150 lbs. 0-300 lbs.

TL-600 0-200 lbs 0-400 lbs.

Chart is for low profile, wide based equipment. Reduce by 50% for tall top heavy equipment.