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About Thumb Lock Fasteners® and The Company...

Thumb Lock pioneered ‘grip’ fasteners for the RV and Marine industries. Our fasteners are used to hold down everything from high-tech electronics, portable TVs and stereos, to fishing gear, life jackets and fuel tanks.

Thumb Lock was originally designed for the United States Navy for securing PCs and high-tech equipment at sea. Our products are now used by all branches of the military for vehicle, aircraft and shipboard applications. Thumb Lock underwent sea trials and completed all performance requirements for use aboard the Trident nuclear submarine fleet.

We are a California-based company and our products are manufactured and assembled in our plant in Los Angeles. Our fasteners are also sold throughout California, Japan and New Zealand for earthquake safety applications.

The biggest worry when RV’ing and boating used to be trying to prevent breakable items from smashing when on the road or water. Thumb Lock products have solved that problem.